Our Mission

Reel II Real Experiences supports local youth and their families to achieve their aspirations which will provide a solid foundation to achieve their full potential.

Ways to support our Mission:

~Financial contributions to help our local families experience impactful activities and memories that will positively influence their future.

~Business partners are willing to provide opportunities for personal growth through career & internship experiences and scholarships for experiences.

~Volunteer opportunities to mentor young adults and youth in need of inspiring role models.

~Financial literacy experts are willing to coach families and offer sage advice to help youth feel empowered to thrive.

Zeke Brown:

Our first recipient of an experience, Zeke Brown, is a local 5th- grade student at St. John's Academy. Zeke has a passion for basketball which after talking with him and his family we knew right away how we could further his drive to play in college and the NBA. Over the summer of 2021, we provided the opportunity for Zeke to attend a Paul VI elite basketball camp. Zeke has an incredible talent not just for basketball which was obvious after hearing about the awards he won like Camper of the day, MVP, and free throw champ; what we were most impressed with is his ability to be humble and have great insight on what it will take to reach his dreams. Zeke will accomplish a lot and we look forward to helping provide resources and support to see him succeed.