Our Mission

Reel II Real Experiences will help connect youth in our area to non-parental mentors with a goal to improve social-emotional learning, cognitive learning, and identity formation. Many kids find these mentors through after-school activities and community service but we know our community has more to give and we want to make sure everyone has equal access to these resources. Donations will help youth in our community, who don't have the opportunity, to join recreational activities which have a positive impact on their personal, psychological and social well-being. We want to encourage children's natural curiosity and desire to make sense & explore themselves and the environment they live in, Reel II Real Experiences will provide opportunities for youth to participate in STEM activities. Ensuring financial competency in youth is of utmost importance to help empower themselves, avoid bad financial habits, and set them up for success. We will connect youth with financial classes and other resources to begin the shift in how we set up the next generation for financial literacy.


Recreational Activities & Tours

S.T.E.M Programs

Financial Literacy